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Vanderbilt def. Auburn, 82-75.

Post No. 1,020

Welcome to Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum.

    Vanderbilt wins, 82-75.

  • AUBURN TO @ 1:23
    Vanderbilt leads, 76-72. A pair of three-point shots from Beal have given the Commodores a big boost.

  • AUBURN TO @ 4:30
    Vanderbilt leads, 70-67. Ogilvy, Vanderbilt's big center, is getting assertive and working Auburn near the basket.

  • SECOND TO @ 11:58
    Vanderbilt leads, 54-50. Auburn has lots if verve -- and its shooting touch. The Commodores aren't really abusing near the basket like they were early in the game, but this Jermaine Beal character is hitting shots from all over.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:58
    Tied at 48. Auburn has scored on five of its first six possessions to open the half. Not too shabby. There's a different level of energy out there right now.

  • Football recruit David Oku is here. A few kids in the student section started cheering his name and Oku didn't mind. He began leading the chorus. Funny.

  • This is the "Red Panda Acrobat," who performed at halftime. While riding a unicycle, she was kicking bowls from her feet to her head. And she'd stack 'em 12 high. It's a miracle.

    Vanderbilt leads, 41-36. Auburn scored three points on each of its final three possessions of the first half -- Barber with the "and one", Barrett with a three, Sullivan with a three.

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:01
    Vanderbilt leads, 38-27. Same basic concept. Lett is showing some signs of life on the offensive end.

  • THIRD TO @ 7:28 (I missed the second one with Washington stuff)
    Vanderbilt leads, 29-19. Auburn is having a difficult time defending in the post. The Commodores have three big guys and they're getting plenty of opportunities. Barber and Johnnie Lett seem ill-equipped to handle the barrage.

  • Reed has checked in.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:51
    Vanderbilt leads, 9-3. Scintillating start for the Tigers. They are 1-for-8 right now. PG DeWayne Reed apparently was a late arrival and has been benched as a result. More on that later.

  • Your Auburn Tigers starters:
    F/C -- Korvotney Barber
    F -- Lucas Hargrove
    SF -- Rasheem Barrett
    SG -- Tay Waller
    PG -- Tez Robertson

Auburn adds another commitment

Post No. 1,019 (retro posted)

Hey everyone. Our friends at and are reporting that TB/CB Demond Washington of a Mississippi junior college (he's a 2007 Tallassee High grad) has committed to the Tigers.

He's small (5-foot-9) and very fast.

He formerly was committed to Ole Miss. That changed today.

Saturday morning chatter

Post No. 1,018

Hey everyone. I wanted to provide a few updates before I head east for the colossal AUBURN V. VANDERBILT throw-down. Loser leaves town.

I'll get the basketball thread going around 12:45 p.m. CST.

Recruiting syllabus

Post No. 1,017

Hey everyone. Thanks for visiting the HABOTN so frequently last night and this morning. I knew Thursday night would give us plenty to discuss. Gene Chizik certainly didn't disappoint.

One of the things he addressed was how these next few days will be exciting for him. This weekend ought to put a few gray hairs on his head.

That's because Auburn is playing host to some pretty significant prospects. Let's take a gander:
  • WR Rueben Randle (Bastrop, La.): Star wideout. Everybody wants him. Auburn probably won't get him, but simply coaxing a visit from a 5-star recruit doesn't hurt the Tigers' cause.

  • S Daren Bates (Olive Branch, Miss.): Lightly recruited until recently. Committed to Auburn with an Alabama offer in hand. He's teammates with OL Aubrey Phillips, who is a Tennessee commit who may be wavering. Speaking of him ...

  • OL Aubrey Phillips (Olive Branch, Miss.): He has offers from everyone. He's a 6-foot-6 tackle. He told that he'll head to Auburn with an open mind. Phillips is one to watch.

  • TB David Oku (suburban Oklahoma City): Elusive, compact back. Listed at 5-10. I watched him play a couple times on TV (I went to HS in Oklahoma and like keeping up with those teams) and he was willing to brawl between the tackles. Looks like a good one to me. He's a Tennessee commitment who is being recruited by Eddie Gran.

  • CB Taikwon Paige (originally of Aiken, S.C.): He's a junior-college guy who was committed to Minnesota when Ted Roof was there. Paige doesn't currently have an offer from Auburn. lists Paige as a 4-star recruit, but he hasn't received offers from many (any?) BCS schools.

  • DT Corey Gaines (Tallahassee, Fla.): Active, spark-plug kind of inside lineman. He has offers from a variety of SEC schools. He seemed to enjoy his visit to Ole Miss last weekend and says the Rebels are his leader. Auburn has several Tallahassee guys on the roster, so perhaps that can help the Tigers' chances this weekend.

  • Other visitors include: LB Greg King (Memphis), DT Jamontay Pilson (Greenville) and QB Clint Moseley (Leroy).

Gene Chizik speaks, 1/29

Post No. 1,016

Hey everyone. Your Head Coach was in Montgomery this evening to discuss his defense with members of the Alabama Football Coaches Association.

Reporters were not permitted to hear that presentation, but Chizik spoke briefly with a few scribes afterward.

Here is what he had to say:

On his level of satisfaction with National Signing Day less than a week away: ``You get excited about it. You just keep working, keep your head down and keep digging. We' got in on the back end of some things and it's been challenging. We're about as good as we can be in a lot of instances. It'll get exciting."

On focusing so much effort on recruiting Texas kids: ``Right now, that's what we have done -- we have targeted relationships and target things in that way. We don't have areas. We don't have any of that. We don't even have a full staff yet. We go where we feel comfortable and where we know we can have some relationships."

On filling the team's two remaining coaching spots: ``We're going to wait until after signing day and attack that full speed. We're going to make sure we get the right guy. That's the main thing. It's not about a timeline."

On James Willis' recent decision to leave Auburn and head for Alabama: ``I don't really talk about guys who aren't here. I talk about guys who are."

On the salary information that was divulged earlier today: ``I don't like talking about contracts. No offense, but that's a personal thing for all the guys. I'm going to stay away from that."

On the significance of meeting with the state's high-school coaches: ``It's big. Most of them, I've already met at one point or another. It's all about re-kindling relationships. It's really neat walking through the door seeing a bunch of guys I knew. When you've been here three years, you get a chance to meet a lot of guys. We're going to make sure we continue to make that grow -- to make the relationships continue with our new guys."

On shooting for the moon with the recruits: ``We're at Auburn. I think that says it all. We're going after the best in the country -- no matter when, what, where, how. That's how we're going to do it. We're going to work really hard to try to get that done every year -- including this one."

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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Auburn women lose at Georgia, 67-58

Post No. 1,015

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

The Tigers' streak ended tonight.

Auburn went 21-of-63 (33.3%) from the floor, which is a bad sign on the road. Georgia went 28-of-54 (51.9%). There's your game.

Notable problem: SG Alli Smalley went 0-for-6 from three-point range.

Notable performance: F DeWanna Bonner finished with 27 points and 9 rebounds.

Auburn "drops" to 20-1 overall and 5-1 in the Southeastern Conference. The team's next game comes Sunday afternoon at LSU.

Another prospect commits

Post No. 1,014

Our friends at are reporting that Daren Bates of Olive Branch, Miss., has accepted a scholarship offer from Auburn.

He had been committed to Arkansas State. Bates had received a surge of interest in recent weeks, though, and reportedly was encouraged by Alabama to travel via motor vehicle to Tuscaloosa for some Crimson-tinged fraternization. That apparently will not happen.

Bates is the 24th recruit to announce plans to sign with Auburn next week.

Assistants cash in

Post No. 1,013

Hey everyone. So while I'm waiting for a chance to interview Gene Chizik -- I spoke with him briefly, but he had a couple things to handle -- let's talk about assistant coach salaries.

Though The HABOTN (and several other news organizations) requested salary information through the school, we learned of that information today from a message-board poster. Here are the numbers. They are accurate.

Gene Chizik - $2 million
Ted Roof (defensive coordinator) - $370,000
Gus Malzahn (offensive coordinator) - $350,000
Trooper Taylor (wideouts) - $320,000
Tracy Rocker (defensive line) - $300,000
Jeff Grimes (offensive line) - $290,000
Jay Boulware (tight ends/special teams) - $180,000

What I don't know is the terms of these deals. How long do these contracts last? I'm hoping to get more insight into that situation tonight.

Thursday chatter

Post No. 1,012

Hey everyone. It's been a busy "off" day for me so for and it promises to be less relaxing as we move forward.

I'm 99% sure I'll have some fresh Gene Chizik material for you tonight. He's schedule to be around Montgomery tonight and The HABOTN is aiming to intercept him for some conversation.

If you had a question for Chizik right now, what would it be?

I'll be back in a bit for a more traditional update.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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Tuberville speaks, 1/28

Post No. 1,011

Hey everyone. I talked with Tommy Tuberville earlier about his upcoming gig as an ESPN analyst for Signing Day coverage. Ought to be a hoot.

Here's what he told me on the record.

On what he'll be doing with ESPN: ``I'll just be talking about how recruiting and Signing Day work from a coach's perspective," Tuberville said. ``I won't be talking about Auburn. I won't be talking about any schools."

On what he'll be doing with his life: ``I'm too young to retire," Tuberville said. ``I can't play golf for the rest of my life. I've got to do something and earn a living. Coaching is what I know."

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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Gulley commits ... for real this time

Post No. 1,010

Our friend Phillip Marshall at is reporting that ATH Anthony Gulley of Brantley High really has committed to the Tigers. If you'll recall, he promised to commit after meeting taking his official visit on Jan. 18.

He visited Troy last weekend. Now he's sure: Gulley wants to play at Auburn.

I expect him to play wideout.

All we have are the embers

Post No. 1,009.

Thanks to everyone for participating in our mid-afternoon campfire. We discussed Rueben Randle and his coach, Petey Smith's attitude, the 2009 tailback rotation and the possibility of Bill Clark coaching at Auburn next season.

We had 412 people participate in our 70-minute chat. Incredible.

I know several HOTTIES were not able to participate because of work responsibilities. We will hold an evening campfire soon for you all.

Campfire notice

Post No. 1,008

Hey everyone. It's great ... to be ... a HABOTN HOTTIE.

I'm thinking it's time for a campfire. At some point today we will log our 1,000,000th pageview in recorded history. More than 80% of that traffic has come since June 1, 2008 -- two years after we began -- which shows you how quickly our popularity is multiplying.

To celebrate, let's hold a campfire to celebrate our achievement.

I'll be here starting at 2 p.m. CST. If you can't make it because of work, I understand. We'll hold an evening campfire soon -- either tonight or Thursday.

Thanks, as always, for making the HABOTN so dadgum incandescent.

UPDATE: WE HAVE BOUNDED INTO THE RECORD BOOKThere it is. We have cracked the 1,000,000 plateau. It occurred overnight, I believe.

RECRUITING NEWS: Our friends at report that Auburn sent a four-coach flotilla to Austin, Texas, last night for a chat with WR Emory Blake and his peeps. That's an unusually large traveling party. Blake has said he'll announce a decision on Feb. 4. I have no reason to believe he'll pull the trigger before then.

Petey Smith to the Tide

Post No. 1,007

Hey everyone. Quick update during the basketball game to say LB Petey Smith of Seffner, Fla., (and brother of current Auburn tailback Eric Smith) has committed to Alabama.

We know this because says so.

Petey Smith is the prospect who famously lashed out at Auburn upon learning that James Willis had left for Alabama. Not sure why he was so dissatisfied with the Tigers. Maybe we'll get that story in a few years when Nick Saban allows him to speak with reporters.

Auburn def. UTPA, 66-63

Post No. 1,006

We're live blogging the Auburn vs. Texas-Pan American game. Please join in.

  • FINAL -- Auburn wins, 66-63.

  • 1:09, 2nd half (UTPA calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 61-58.
    Tight game. Very tight.

  • 3:51, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 57-52.
    Auburn has scored on four of its last five possessions to create some momentum. UTPA doesn't have a go-to guy to help right now. Auburn appears to be leaning on Hargrove to handle that role.

  • 7:27, 2nd half (media timeout) -- UTPA leads, 51-48.
    Yes, you're reading that correctly. The Broncos are playing with more heart and more aggression. No offensive rebounds for the Tigers. One and done. Auburn is sloppy.

  • 11:59, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 46-40.
    Auburn's just asleep right now and UTPA is playing pretty aggressively.

  • 15:42, 2nd half (Auburn calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 41-38.
    Awful start for the Tigers. Four missed shots and two turnovers in seven possessions. The Broncos have opened on a 10-2 run.

    AUB -- 16-29 55.2%
    TPA -- 10-26 38.5%

    3 Shooting
    AUB -- 5-12 41.7%
    TPA -- 4-14 26.7%

    FT Shooting
    AUB -- 2-7 28.6%
    TPA -- 4-6 66.7%

    AUB -- 19 (7o, 12d)
    TPA -- 14 (5o, 9d)

  • HALFTIME -- Auburn leads, 39-28.
    Boring game, honestly.

  • 4:49, 1st half (UTPA timeout) -- Auburn leads, 33-19.
    The Tigers are on a 9-2 run. The Broncos' coach is worried.

  • 7:51, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 24-16.
    Auburn's half-court trap is totally messing with UTPA's offense. The Tigers are shooting so poorly that they're not taking advantage of their defensive domination.

  • 11:17, 1st half -- first foul called. It's an offensive foul on Auburn.

  • 11:46, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 20-11.
    I guess a 2-0 run counts as drama.

  • 15:17, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 14-0.
    It was 14-0 at one time, so I guess we can say UTPA is on a 4-0 run. They're so much smaller than Auburn. It's pretty amazing. They also missed their first four shots and mixed in three turnovers, too. If you're gonna be small, you gotta be sharper than that.

  • 18:10, 1st half (UTPA calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 11-0.
    Oh boy.

F/C -- Korvotney Barber of southern Georgia
"F" -- Rasheem Barrett of middle Georgia
G -- Tay Waller of southern Georgia
G -- Tez Robertson of southern Ohio
PG -- DeWayne Reed of southeastern Texas

Rollison picks Les Tigres

Post No. 1,005

Hey everyone. Our friends at are reporting that QB Tyrik Rollison of eastern Texas has committed to play for the Auburn Tigers next season. As we all know, Rollison is a highly rated quarterback who throws fairly well and runs very well.

There are questions about Rollison's academic status, though, so keep that in mind. Still, this is an important addition to a recruiting class that has been significantly upgraded since 12/3/08.

COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE: John Updike, one of the best writers ever, has died of lung cancer in Boston. He was 76.

He was the man behind The Best Baseball Essay Ever Written, "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu" in 1960. It's about Ted Williams' final at-bat. It was a home run.

Eguae says 'yes way'

Post No. 1,004

Hey everyone. As some of you learned last night, Texas DE Nosa Eguae (pronounced "E-gway") has committed to the Auburn Tigers. He was the second defensive prospect to make that decision on Monday; tackle Jamar Travis also decided Tracy Rocker would be an ideal mentor.

Eguae is classified as a three-star prospect by

I have no idea how he'll perform on the field, but Eguae is an impressive fellow. You wouldn't think he's in high school. Aside from be physically developed, Eguae is remarkably precise and focused with the things he says.

I wonder if Eguae's decision will affect WR Emory Blake, who visited Auburn along with Eguae two weeks ago. Blake also is from Texas (Austin) and was considering the same three schoos: Colorado, Texas Tech and Auburn.

Also, I just found out the other day (from a sharp-eyed HOTTIES) that Blake is the son of former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jeff Blake. Emory Blake is named after his grandfather, who played college ball at Bethune-Cookman and coached high-school ball at Seminole High in Sanford, Fla.

Surely a third-generation college player is a rarity.

Travis commits

Post No. 1,003

Hey everyone.

DT Jamar Travis of W.S. Neal High in Brewton surprised nobody today by committing to the Tigers. A Southern Miss commitment since December, Travis earned an offer from Auburn during the weekend.

He accepted today.

Auburn now has 20 players committed to its 2009 signing class.

Rollison word expected today

Post No. 1,002

Hey everyone.

My guess is this could be a significant day in the world of Auburn recruiting. QB Tyrik Rollison of Sulphur Springs, Texas, is expected to make a commitment to the Tigers. He is listed by as the nation's No. 2 "dual-threat" quarterback, which certainly will add some luster to Auburn's collection of recruits.

DB Izauea Lanier said yesterday that Rollison committed during the weekend. Also, some undercover HOTTIES have indicated that Rollison made his Auburn intentions known on his Facebook page yesterday.

Rollison didn't begin his official visit until Saturday because of a Friday night basketball game. Since he started a day late, he'll be leaving a day late ... ie this morning. That explains why you haven't heard from Rollison just yet.

I have no doubt he'll pick Auburn.

Auburn def. Tennessee, 82-68

Post No. 1,001

Hey everyone. Welcome to what was the most populated Auburn women's game in history. Official attendance was 12,059.

The arena can't hold more.

  • Auburn 82, Tennessee 68.

    PF DeWanna Bonner -- 35 points (14-of-16 at the line), 9 rebounds, 6 steals

  • Auburn now is 20-0 overall and 5-0 in the SEC.

  • 1:33, 2nd half (Auburn calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 73-63.
    Hold the phone. Tennessee is on a 13-0 run.

  • 2:59, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 73-55.
    See score above.

  • 4:04, 2nd half (Auburn calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 73-52.
    See score above.

  • 6:54, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 64-46.
    Trevesha Jackson just nailed an and-one. Tennessee can't counter this enthusiasm ... and Summitt is stewing on the sideline. She's done all she can do. It's rare that UT takes a beating like this.

  • 10:00, 2nd half (Tennessee calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 60-41.
    Auburn is demolishing this team.

  • 11:34, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 55-41.
    Tennessee seems so much weaker now. All those freshman, all these people here, all that experience on the other team.

  • 12:34, 2nd half (Tennessee calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 55-39.
    Every mistake Tennessee makes now, Auburn pounces and scores.

  • 15:15, 2nd half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads 44-33.
    Boddie is commanding this game. Tennessee has nobody who can stick with her shakes. It's playground time. Boddie is at the line for a 1-and-1 right now.

  • 16:46, 2nd half (Tennessee calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 41-31.
    Summitt knows her team is getting worked by Whitney Boddie and Bonner right now. Bonner scored on an and-one. Boddie stole a UT pass and now she's at the line for another and-one. Tennessee can't do much with Bonner right now. She's a unique defensive challenge.

    AUB -- 10-27 37.0%
    TEN -- 12-25 48.0%

    3 shooting
    AUB -- 2-9 22.2%
    TEN -- 2-11 18.2%

    FT shooting
    AUB -- 9-12 75.0%
    TEN -- 0-0 (nil)

    AUB -- 15 (8o, 7d)
    TEN -- 16 (6o, 10d)

    Auburn leads, 31-26.

  • 1:17, 1st half (Tennessee calls timeout) -- Auburn leads, 27-23.
    DeWanna Bonner is working UT badly right now. Pat Summitt had enough.

  • 3:43, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 22-19.
    Pretty static. Auburn got some use out of KeKe Carrier, but she's out of gas now. The Tigers can't get much going offensively. Tennessee's zone is too much right now. Tennessee is trying to work inside -- with mixed success.

  • 7:35, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 17-13.
    Neither team can get much going offensively. They have plans; the defensive intensity on both ends is overpowering. Tennessee is getting offensive rebounds. Auburn is creating turnovers. That's the only thing helping either team score.

  • 11:46, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 12-9.
    Tennessee has committed seven turnovers already. The Tigers still only lead by three points.

  • 15:58, 1st half (media timeout) -- Auburn leads, 7-4.

C -- Trevesha Jackson of Auburn, Ala.
PF -- DeWanna Bonner of suburban Birmingham
SF -- Sherell Hobbs of Huntsville
SG -- Alli Smalley of Arab
PG -- Whitney Boddie of Florence

One thousandth post

Post No. 1,000

I couldn't come up with a really creative idea for the HABOTN's 1,000th blog/post/thread, so this goofy picture will have to suffice.

It's been groovy watching this site grow since the first post in 2006. The HOTTIES make it groovy, though, so big propers to all the peeps out there browsing what we have to offer here.

One love.

Photographic proof of said benchmark:

Recruit-by-recruit breakdown

Post No. 999

I personally interfaced with three official visitors today, though one (Jonathan Atchison) asked that his uncle speak for him. Recruits leave from a variety of locations and the HABOTN, as a one-reporter operation, can't cover locations concurrently.

Here's what I have:

Defensive tackle from Brewton (W.S. Neal High)
Southern Miss commitment

Player host: Jared Cooper

On getting an offer this weekend: "At first I did not think I was going to get offered. I was sitting down talking to coach (Gene Chizik) and he just offered me."

On what the offer meant to him: "I was excited. I've been waiting on an offer from Auburn. I'm not sure whether I'm going to commit or not yet. I'm committed to Southern Miss. I'm just going to see how it goes."

On the effect of having a former high-school teammate, Jared Cooper, playing at Auburn: "It's a lot better because you know he's going to tell you the straight out truth how it is. He just said he loves it. I know if he loves it, hey, we're from the same town and the same team. I know I would, too."

On meeting Tracy Rocker, who coaches the Tigers' defensive line: "He was just saying if you work hard, you get what you put into it. He has an impressive resume. Like I said, I'm looking forward to talking more with him and we'll just see how it goes."

Defensive back from Carrollton (Gordo High)
Auburn commitment

Player host: Ben Tate

On his Auburn recruitment: "I came down here with Courtney (Taylor) starting in ninth grade, so I've always been about Auburn. The first offer I got was from Kentucky. Troy offered me. Mississippi State offered me a few days after Auburn did. I didn't hear anything from Auburn until Coach Chizik got here."

Are you definitely signing with Auburn: "I loved Auburn since ninth grade. I stayed with Courtney back then and met a lot of people. I love Auburn. This weekend was very nice, but my mind was already set on Auburn. There's no questions about that."

On wearing a University of Alabama hat today: "This is for the state of Alabama. I'm all about Auburn. There aren't many people like me in Carrollton. It's all Alabama, but a lot of people are changing their minds after (Taylor). He's changed a lot of peoples' minds."

Linebacker from suburban Atlanta (Douglass)
Alabama commitment; former Auburn commitment

**Atchison's uncle, John Williams, spoke for him.

On if Atchison is seriously considering a switch back to Auburn: "He's here. I would imagine so, yeah. He's going to do what's best for him in 10 days."

On Atchison's finalists: "Here and Tuscaloosa."

On the effect of assistant coach James Willis' recent jump to Alabama: "That's got nothing to do with what Jonathan is going to do."

On Atchison's decision timetable: "He's got until the 4th (of February). He's got 10 days."

Recruiting updates

Post No. 998

OK. Here we go.

  • (@9:22 a.m.)
    CB Izauea Lanier (right) of Gordo High, an Auburn commitment, said matter-of-factly that QB Tyrik Rollison committed this weekend. Saying that and meaning that are two different things sometimes. Not sure what to make of that.

  • (@10:30 a.m.)
    WR DeAngelo Benton has left the building. He didn't want to talk, which is OK with me.

  • (@10:15 a.m.)
    LB Jonathan Atchison of suburban Atlanta, an Alabama commitment, has left the building. His uncle, John Williams, spoke for him. Williams said Atchison's appearance at Auburn this weekend signifies significant interest. He also said James Willis' jump to Alabama doesn't affect anything.

  • (@9:11 a.m.)
    DT Jamar Travis from W.S. Neal High in Brewton has received an offer from Auburn. He seemed elated to have received that, but said he remains committed to Southern Miss right now. Travis said he intends to make a final decision tomorrow. Auburn and Southern Miss are the only candidates.

  • LB Joel Kight, WR Travante Stallworth and ATH Robert Cooper left from an alternate location. That means I wasn't able to get them today. It happens.

  • A couple of administrative things. LBs DeDe Lattimore and Greg King didn't make the trip this weekend as previously reported. So they're not here. They may reschedule; they way not.

  • Rollison arrived on Saturday (he had a basketball game on Friday night) and won't leave until Monday. Prospects have 48 hours to tour each college. He won't be visible today.

Big Sunday ahead

Post No. 997

Hey everyone. Today should be a rockin' day on the HABOTN.

First, I gotta say we're getting very close to 1,000,000 lifetime page views here. By my calculations, we'll hit that milestone right around Signing Day. I'd love to honor our 1,000,000 post somehow. I hope it's not Tim saying something ignorant.

Anyway, here is today's HABOTN schedule:
  • I'm headed up to Auburn around 7:30 a.m. I'll loiter and stalk and interview Auburn's official recruiting visitors in an effort to gain insight into their plans. I'll twitter any major developments (it'll show up on the main HABOTN page under the "little birdie") and get standard information on the site beginning around 10 a.m.

  • I'm hoping my full report is up by 1 p.m. -- pictures and quotes and everything. If things are delayed like they were last week, I'll have no choice but to suspend recruiting work in favor of the Auburn/Tennessee women's game. That starts at 2 p.m.

  • That colossal game, which is the school's most anticipated women's event since 1991, will be televised on CSS if you'd like to follow along. I'll also be live blogging it here. We're talking about an undefeated Auburn team (19-0) against the two-time defending national champions.

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