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The first spring scrimmage, 3/1

Hey everyone.

Yes, DE Antonio Coleman went down during the final play of the scrimmage. He was engaged with LT Lee Ziemba and ... something went wrong. He was essentially motionless for 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived to cart him away. Coach Tommy Tuberville said Coleman was conscious and alert and showed some movement. Coleman's movement was impaired to some degree. We're talking about a spinal injury of some kind.

UPDATE @ 3:15 p.m.: Coleman suffered a cervical sprain. He since has been released from East Alabama Medical Center.

OG Byron Isom was standing near Coleman as the injury occurred. Isom said he didn't know exactly what had happened, but was very concerned when Coleman began screaming. Then Coleman got quiet, his breathing became more rushed and Isom said that's when he knew the situation was serious.

I chased down Ziemba as he was leaving the stadium (he wasn't avoiding anyone; he just hadn't been requested for interviews) and he was very emotional. He didn't want to talk and that's fine with me. He obviously had a very direct look at what became a very scary chain of events. I'd be worried out of my mind, too.

I found it odd that an ambulance wasn't on site. One was summoned and arrived pretty quickly -- maybe five minutes after the call was made -- but I'm hoping to get more answers on that situation in the future.

Also, RB Mario Fannin went down with what Tuberville described as knocking down the shoudler. It looked like a separation to me based on how Fannin was holding that arm. He was in a lot of pain.

Also, WR Tim Hawthorne suffered a broken arm during Friday's practice and is out for the rest of spring ball.

Here are Auburn's officially unofficial stats from the scrimmage.

Furr 10-57
Lester 12-44
Anthony Jemison 6-35
Fannin 2-12
Jason King 2-9
Burns 5-9
Caudle 4-(-2)

Caudle 22-33, 243 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT
Burns 22-37, 162 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
Furr 3-5, 26 yards

Zachery 9-84, 1 TD
Dunn 8-63, 1 TD
Billings 6-57
Trott 5-33
Charles Olatunji 4-34
Carr 2-59
Lester 2-31
John Douglas 2-21
Brent Slusher 2-7
... and so on.

OK. I took pretty copious notes during the scrimmage and I'm going to try to recreate all 126 plays below.

Issues: Some players weren't immediately identifiable to me. I'm talking about walk-ons and stuff. Also, I'm using numbers only because it would take all day to write out every single name. Anything inside the ** is simply my take on the play.

> indicates a catch
INC is incomplete
Also, something like "R-C" means it was caught on the right side and cut back toward the middle.

Some basic numbers:
1 Lester
5 Trott
8 Powers
14 Zachery
15 Furr
16 Swinton
18 Burns
19 Caudle
27 Fannin
30 Douglas
80 R. Smith
81 Carr
83 McKenzie
84 Billings

Here we go...
18-5 R INC
18-3 L INC
18-3 C deep INC
1 R
1 C draw
>18-81 mid L
18 keep L misdirection
>18-14 bubble screen L **big gain**
27 R read
18-80 INC dropped
18-80 INC caught out of bounds in the endzone; 8 on coverage
27 L
>19-3 L screen
19-84 INC cross route dropped
15 R keep
15 keep; broken play
>19-3 R-C
19-3 INC overthrow
>15-83 L screen
15 R broken play
>15-3 L slant
>19-14 R quick
19 keep read **bad decision**
19-3 INC **should have been INT**
19 INTERCEPTION by Wade Christopher **bad read**
1 L sweep
1 C read
18-80 INC overthrow
>18-84 R read pass
18-14 INC **55 crushes 14 with a hit**
18-83 INC
27 L sweep
27 R pitch sweep FANNIN INJURED
>18-5 L slant
1 L read
18 R BIG PLAY **breaks free for 20 yards or so**
>18-84 R midrange **84 toes the sideline**
1 L read
1 C read
1 C-R sweep TOUCHDOWN 10 yards or so

>19-3 L **3 jukes and turns it into 25 yards**
>19-21 L quick
>19-81 R deep TOUCHDOWN 40 yards or so

19 INTERCEPTION by Jonathan Vickers, returned for a touchdown
>19-14 L quick
>19-28 R dump **nobody else open**
15 keep R
15-42 INC dropped
15 L keep read
15 R keep read
24 C read
15 R keep; busted play
>15-35 C
24 R pitch
15 INC; tipped at line
15 C keep read
>15-88 R drag route
24 R pitch TOUCHDOWN went for 2 yards

>18-84 R deep BIG PLAY went for 30 yards **nice catch along the sideline**
1 C read
>18-5 R out route **one-handed catch**
18-84 INC
18-16 INC
18-16 INC
18-16 L screen SAFETY and BIG HIT **ball caught in own end zone; 91 crushed 16**

18 keep L
1 C-L
>18-5 R quick
>18-3 R screen BIG HIT **8 all over it**
42 L read
>18-14 L quick curl
24 R read
24 C-L read
>19-80 L quick curl
>19-3 L cross **jumps way up to get it**
19-16 INC dropped
19 SACKED by 98
19-24 INC
>19-24 L screen
24 C-R read
>19-5 L inside curl
24 L read
>19-21 L
29 C read
19-3 INC dropped
>19-14 TOUCHDOWN **breaks free after short throw for 10 yards**


>18-14 L midrange **jumping catch; nice**
18 INC
18 INC tipped at LOS
18-80 INC dropped
>18-1 R screen **jukes 55 and gets 25 yards or so**
18 SACKED by 52
>18-21 L slant
15 R keep BIG PLAY **15 body-slams 55 after the play ends; goes for 15 yards or so**
15 R keep
42 L
15 C-R **drops two jukes**
19 INC
>19-14 R midrange
>19-16 C midrange BIG PLAY **goes for 25 yards**
>19-14 R deep TOUCHDOWN **goes for 25 yards or so**

>18-3 L **breaks like three tackles for an 8-yard gain**
>18-84 L inside curl
1 C-L read
18 SACKED by 52
>18-1 R deep TOUCHDOWN **pump fake; 1 beats 8 and 26 on the play**

19-85 INC pass was way off
>19-14 C cross
>19-21 C
>19-3 L TOUCHDOWN **wide open on 20-yard play**

>19-30 L quick
19 L scramble
>19-24 C
>19-30 R **jukes two people; gets 20 yards**
19 INC
>19-35 L curl
19-81 INC ball knocked out
19 INC
>18-5 C curl
>18-42 R screen
>18-84 C dump; nobody else open
18 INC inaccurate pass
18 SACKED by 94
18-14 L screen **pass was way too lofty for a screen; got 14 hammered**

End of scrimmage

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

News of the day, 2/29

Hey everyone. Happy Leap Year Day.

Did anyone catch last night's episode of LOST? It was a good'un for sure. I thought it totally was an homage to Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughter-House Five," which is like the greatest book ever. In it, the main character becomes "unstuck in time" and basically teleports to different periods of his life -- and other places -- in random ways and times. That's what happened to our Scottish pal Des last night.

At one point, Daniel Faraday told Des that he was "unstuck in time." Yay.

I put up a picture of Mr. Eko today because Jeffrey Lee, ace, is working his way through the early stages of the show and remarked how cool Eko is. Jeffrey is half-way through season two. That conversation reminded me how totally cool that character was, how cool "Yemi" was, how cool Eko's interaction with the smoke monster was and how much it sucks that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje elected to leave the show.

If Sen'Derrick Marks had legitimate acting skills, maybe Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof would cast him as Mr. Eko II or whatever. It's just an idea.

OK. Enough geekiness. Let's got to business. I'm pressed for time at the moment, so I'm dropping a few nuggets now. I'll return with a full LINEMAN REPORT (and it's a long one) a little later.

Scrimmage is tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10 a.m. in spacious Jordan-Hare Stadium. You're invited. Enter through Gate 9 (south-end service entrance) and getcha a seat in that endzone.

Chris Todd, the injured quarterback, didn't throw during practice on Friday. He told reporters that he suffered a Grade 3 separation of his AC (shoulder) joint while at Hutchinson (Kan.) C.C. last season. A Grade 3 is the most severe grade and indicates a tear of some kind. There is no consensus among orthopedic experts about the best way to treat those kinds of injuries. Todd said he has undergone at least one scan (could have been an MRI or a CT) that didn't indicate anything unusual. Either way, it seems likely that he'll be on the shelf for a little while.

WR Tim Hawthorne suffered an injury to his left wrist on Friday. He left practice to have it scanned. Coach Tommy Tuberville said he couldn't get a good feel for how serious the situation is.

Former players Tim Duckworth and Ben Grubbs were at practice. Grubbs, an Eclectic native, said he hasn't been affected by the money he's earning as a starting guard for the Baltimore Ravens. Moments after insisting that he's frugal, Ben discussed his new Cadillac Escalade and spacious home in suburban Baltimore. He's a funny dude.

I had fun watching the OL and DL go at it for an extended 1-on-1 session. Basic thoughts: Tyronne Green, Sen'Derrick Marks and Antoine Carter are really good.

Tuberville said the toe injury suffered by TB Tristan Davis on Thursday was diagnosed as a bruise. Still, Davis won't play today.

Here are your pass-rush results from tonight's action.

**EDITOR'S NOTE: I occasionally award an "E" for "even" in situations where I cannot determine a winner. We have argued this point before. I'm not yielding. I think draws are possible because I see them.

SenDerrick Marks (94) vs. Tyronne Green (71) -- 94
Jake Ricks (91) vs. Jason Bosley (68) -- 91
Zach Clayton (98) vs. Chaz Ramsey (76) -- 98, 98 **used right hand to throw Ramsey aside**, 76
AJ Greene (90) vs. Ryan Pugh (50) at RT -- 90 **bull-rush rage**, 50
Mike Goggans (49) vs. Andrew McCain (75) -- 49, 75, 49 **Nall demands new LT**
Goggans (49) vs. Lee Ziemba (73) -- 73 **new LT handles business**
Mike Blanc (93) vs. Byron Isom (57) -- 57, 57 **Blanc just pushing and not getting anywhere**
Ricks (91) vs. Mike Berry (66) at C -- E, 66, 66 **fight breaks out**
Marks (94) vs. Bart Eddins (53) -- 94
Blanc (93) vs. Eddins (53) -- 93, 93 **Blanc pancaked him**
Clayton (98) vs. Kyle Coulahan (58) -- 98 **dominates**, 98 **despite hold**, 98
Luke Farmer (64D) vs. "Action" Jackson Timmerman (64O) -- 64O, 64O
Marks (94) vs. Ramsey (76) -- E, 94

... then Don Dunn asks for a new DL. Nall says: "Everybody ought to want to jump in there."

Clayton (98) vs. Ramsey (76) -- 98
Antonio Coleman (52) vs. Pugh (50) -- 52 **speed**, 50, 52
Antoine Carter aka "Hot" (45) vs. Lee Ziemba (73) -- E, 45
Blanc (93) vs. Green (71) -- 71, 71
Ricks (91) vs. Bosley (68) -- 91
Farmer (64D) vs. Eddins (53) -- 53

Questions? Comments? You can email me at:

News of the day, 2/28

Hey everyone. I missed practice today due to a family issue, but ace correspondent Luke Brietzke was on hand to pass along some of the salient information. And there was plenty today. Let's get to business.

First, we here at the HABOTN thank you for making this the HOTTEST Auburn blog on the 'net.

Maybe my prediction that Chris Todd will be the starting quarterback next year was premature. Offensive coordinator Tony Franklin, shown at left, said today that he believe Todd has injured his throwing shoulder.

The junior-college signee apparently suffered a shoulder injury during the final weeks of last season. Surgery was avoided. Todd now is struggling to throw with any authority. Here is what Franklin said today:
**Chris looks like his arm's really hurting him. I know he threw better in high school when he was a freshman than he probably is throwing now. He had a problem with his shoulder when he got here and he didn't start throwing until two weeks ago and he just doesn't have anything on the ball at all. What we're seeing right now of him is not what he is. It's not the kid I remember throwing the football. He's got a long way to go to get healthy and I don't know when he'll get healthy. It's probably not going to happen during the spring.**
Tailback Tristan Davis missed a portion of practice after apparently re-injuring the same toe that required surgery last year. How serious is the situation? Nobody knows. Davis is going in for tests soon.

Christa Turner of the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer had a nice story the other day. Athletic director Jay Jacobs had a previously scheduled visit to CLE headquarters Tuesday afternoon and offered a surprising take on Tommy Tuberville's Tuesday morning suggestion that the football team needs a bigger indoor facility.

Here is a portion of Jacobs' comments:
"It's on our master plan, but the way we prioritize those things are needs versus wants," Jacobs said. "The facilities that our student-athletes use every day are more of a priority than having an indoor facility for football to use once every two years. That's not good stewardship of our money."
Here's another one:
"We would like to have, at some point, a multi-purpose facility," Jacobs said. "But to build one just for football is not economically feasible. When you talk to student-athletes, and particularly their parents, they're most interested in where they're going to live and eat and the Lowder academic center, a place they can go and study."
Jacobs is right. He just is. I had to hold back laughter when Tuberville made that suggestion. I mean, Auburn almost never misses practice because of weather. To drop $50 million or whatever on a 100-yard facility so the team has a place to practice three times per year is nuts.

I think Tuberville was just having fun with it. It's not breaking news that life within the athletic department (and beyond) isn't exactly rainbows and butterflies these days.
The HOTTIES know that I have been impressed with the recent play of basketball signee Frankie Sullivan. He took things to a new level on Wednesday, scoring a Class 2A Tournament record 51 points in R.C. Hatch's win over Barbour County. That is Sullivan's fifth state championship in his six varsity seasons.

He was 28-of-31 from the free-throw line. I'd say he's a slasher.

I wrote about him extensively in two recent blogs. Here is my scouting report and here are some comments from Auburn coach Jeff Lebo about Sullivan.

News of the day, 2/26

Hey everyone. Just got back from Auburn's second football practice of the spring. Heavy rains and generally inhospitable weather forced the team to its indoor field. The problem there is that half of that building currently houses the locker room and training rooms.

A renovation project is underway in the Athletic Complex, which forced a temporary relocation.

The offense worked out from 7-8 a.m. The defense followed up with an hour of its own.

Here are The Things You Need To Know:

Graduate assistant Travaris Robinson, the former safety, has accepted a full-time job as secondary coach at Western Kentucky. T-Rob is a HABOTN fave and we're glad to see him moving up. He leaves tonight.

The nasty weather didn't deter coach Tommy Tuberville from holding practice on Tuesday. I was surprised. He explained that the NCAA limits the number of spring practices to 15 (that's widely known) AND limits the "practice window" to a month. So those 15 practices can't be too spread out. There is emphasis on keeping things going. See what I'm saying? Since the Tigers were without pads today, practice commenced as scheduled. Had this been a full-pads day, Tuberville would have considered his options more carefully.

Defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads continued his loud ways. He's more involved with practice administration than his predecessor. He'll get in there and move the cones himself. Student assistants typically handle mundane tasks like that.

Speaking of Rhoads, he doesn't need a whistle. He creates a sound much louder by blowing air between his thumb and index finger. It's pretty amazing. I asked LB Craig Stevens about it. He thought it was a whistle ... like the plastic apparatus. No sir.

The shout-down of the day came from assistant coach Terry Price, who gave redshirt freshman A.J. Greene the business. Tackle Sen'Derrick Marks, asked if he has to hold in laughter during those tirades, said: "I just laugh. I'll get in trouble anyway — I might as well laugh."

In a matter-of-fact chat with linebacker Chris Evans after practice, he revealed that he has tendons from a cadaver in his left wrist. He had surgery last summer to help correct a lingering injury. That's not really newsworthy; it's just interesting.

Questions? Comments? You can email me at or post a comment directly to the blog.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

News of the day, 2/24

Hey everyone. I'm writing for the paper right now and it's getting a little late, so I have to blow through these and leave you without the prettiness for the time being.

So it goes.

Auburn 88, Alabama 76 (men): Lucas Hargrove went off, scoring 28 points and basically emerging as a dominant element Sunday. He hit three 3-pointers, six shots from inside the arc and hit 7-of-9 from the free-throw line. Also of note was the subtle contribution from newly redesignated PG Tez Robertson: 8 points, 7 assists, 0 turnovers, 6 rebounds, 4 steals in 40 minutes.

DeWayne Reed was moved to a reserve role, so here is your revised lineup: PG Robertson, SG Frank Tolbert, SF Rasheem Barrett, "PF" Lucas Hargrove, "C" Quan Prowell.

Georgia 68, Auburn 56 (women): Choke city. The Lady Bulldogs are not all that good this year and the Tigers needed a win after laying an egg at Ole Miss earlier in the week. Maybe the NCAA Tournament won't be a reality after all.

Football practice started today. They went about two hours in shorts. Not much exciting to report, honestly, though I met some of the new guys. Dashaun Barnes is a really nice, sunshiny kid. Chris Todd is a cool customer. He's a careful talker and obviously has been in front of the camera/recorder/pen before. I saw DeRon Furr only from a distance. He's wearing No. 15. Todd is No. 12.

Auburn got its first commitment of the 2009 SEASON today when Mobile/Williamson High DE Terrence Coleman announced plans to sign with the Tigers in 12 months. In a weird twist, he is the nephew of current DE Antonio Coleman. He's only a junior. I figured uncles would be a lot older, you know?

DT Sen'Derrick Marks (who has moved inside from DE) said Sunday that he didn't get stronger during offseason workouts. He underwent hernia surgery in January and was instructed to avoid weightlifting altogether. Marks since has resumed. I mean, it's not like he's going to be a weakling or anything. I just thought that was interesting.

The quarterbacks handled the increased Tony Franklin workload in different ways. Neil Caudle rolled out of practice with a Gabe Gross-style iceberg on his right shoulder. Chris Todd spent at least 20 minutes after practice throwing additional passes with wideout John Cubelic.

Questions? Comments? You can email me at or post a comment directly to the blog.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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