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It'll be Auburn-Vanderbilt for the Big One

Hey everyone. The Vanderbilt Commodores have advanced to the SEC Tournament final, so they'll face Auburn tomorrow night for The Tournament Hardware.

The game begins at 6:30 p.m. and will be televised on ESPN2.

Before you get too excited: Vanderbilt has won 14 consecutive games against Auburn.

Here are some comments Auburn had to say about various topics.

ALLI SMALLEY, Auburn guard
On playing Vanderbilt: ``They're so disciplined. They'll keep running their offense until they get the shot they want. That's hard on a defense."

On if Vanderbilt's streak will make a difference Sunday: "Maybe in a motivating way. Nobody here has beaten them -- even the seniors."

SHERELL HOBBS, Auburn forward
On first-half problems against Tennessee: "We let the crowd into it. We weren't hitting on all cylinders. It all went back to offensive rebounding."

On the 13 offensive fouls called: ``I watched that Tennessee-Auburn game and I'm not saying it was bad, but the officials have grown in love with the offensive foul. If I was paying good money to watch a game, I would want to see a little offense. All the games I have seen today -- offensive fouls? Lord."

MELANIE BALCOMB, Vanderbilt coach
On playing Auburn: "We just have to play tremendous team defense. Bonner is very, very good as well all know, but their supporting cast is very good, too. You can't just stop her. It comes down to who wants it most."

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

A strong day for the Tigers

Hey everyone. So we were chatting in the comments section about all the wins Auburn accrued in various athletic pursuits today.

It's one impressive list.

MEN'S BASKETBALL: Auburn beats LSU, the SEC West's top team, and moves to 21-10. Jeff Lebo's team appears on the cusp of an NCAA Tournament berth.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: Auburn gives Tennessee coach Pat Summitt the worst post-season loss of her career Saturday. Nell Fortner's team appears headed for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

BASEBALL: Auburn takes two games from Brown University, tallies 29 hits (including 13 for extra bases) in the process.

SOFTBALL: Auburn takes two from Ole Miss (including one in extra innings) to open the SEC season.

EQUESTRIAN: Auburn wins at No. 1 Baylor, which included a 7-3 mauling in Hunt Seat.

Auburn def. Tennessee, 78-58 (women)

Welcome to Alltel Arena in North Little Rock, Ark., for the SEC Tournament semifinal game between your Auburn Tigers and the Tennessee Lady Vols.

    Auburn 78, Tennessee 58.

  • THIRD TO @ 7:19, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 60-45. Auburn is in complete control now. I've never seen anything like it. We're up to 12 offensive fouls now. I can't believe the calls. Over and over and over. It's making a mess of a really intriguing basketball game.

  • SECOND TO @ 10:26, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 51-41. The Tigers look like a different team. They're rebounding with more fervor and it seems that Tennessee is slowing down a bit. The Lady Vols are not keeping pace in transition.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:32, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 39-33. The Tigers have outscored Tennessee 13-2 so far this half. That's more than half what Auburn accomplished during the first 20 minutes of the game. If Smalley and Hobbs get on track -- each player has hit a bucket this half -- Auburn will be tough to stop.

    AUB -- 9-25 36%
    TEN -- 14-34 41%

    3 Shooting
    AUB -- 2-5 40%
    TEN -- 0-5 00%

    FT Shooting
    AUB -- 6-7 86%
    TEN -- 3-3 100%

    AUB -- 16 (7o, 9d)
    TEN -- 20 (10o, 10d)

    Tennessee leads, 31-26.

  • THIRD TO @ 3:13, 1st
    Tennessee leads, 27-22. Both teams are playing excellent defense. Tennessee has benefited from some good luck here lately. A blocked shot landed in Alex Fuller's hand for a freebie just a moment ago. Auburn hasn't accomplished anything meaningful on offense in several minutes. The Lady Vols are highly aggressive with their man defense right now.

  • SECOND TO @ 9:57, 1st
    Auburn leads, 16-15. Auburn is out in transition now. Nell Fortner subbed out Boddie for ReRe Hobbs, which was a curious call. Maybe that's a defensive change? This is a fun game to watch. These teams are really going at it.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:54, 1st
    Tennessee leads, 8-7. The Lady Vols' outstanding freshman center, Kelley Cain, is out with a knee injury. Auburn hasn't yet had many opportunities to get out in transition. When those opportunities arise, you know the Tigers will be sprinting. This is UT's third game in three days.

    PG -- Whitney Boddie of north Alabama (Florence)
    SG -- Alli Smalley of north Alabama (Arab)
    SF -- Sherell Hobbs of north Alabama (Huntsville)
    PF -- DeWanna Bonner of central Alabama (Fairfield)
    C -- Trevesha Jackson of eastern Alabama (Auburn)

Auburn def. LSU, 69-53 (men)

Post No. 1,097

Let the hating begin.

Auburn, serially written off by national bracketologists, mauled Southeastern Conference regular-season champion LSU today. It was a bludgeoning that won't soon be forgotten around these parts.

Korvotney Barber finished with 16 points and 17 rebounds. Not too shabby.

Coach Jeff Lebo isn't real happy with experts who insist the Tigers aren't worthy of an NCAA Tournament bid.

"The way we're playing right now, I don't think that after this win against LSU, with us being the only team to beat LSU and Tennessee, the two top teams in our league, I don't think you can ignore that. I don't know what
they look at. You can look at numbers all you want, but the numbers will not dictate how well our team is playing right now. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I've got to for these guys. We've won eight out of nine and to say that we're not even in the mix is a slap in the face of our guys and the SEC in my opinion. This is a good league. Is it as strong as it has been in past years? Maybe not, but it's not one that's far below some of these other ones."

The Tigers now are 21-10 (10-6 in the SEC) and enter the league tournament as the West No. 2 seed. They'll play the winner of the Arkansas-Florida first-round game.

Photo credit: Associated Press

Next up for the Auburn women: Tennessee

Hey everyone. The Tennessee Lady Vols have just upset Florida here at the SEC Tournament, which means they'll face Auburn tomorrow.

That game tips at 5:30 CST. It will be televised on FS South.

Auburn accepts the SEC Championship trophy before its game against Ole Miss.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Auburn def. Ole Miss (women/SEC Tournament)

Hey everyone. We're LIVE from Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Ark., where your Auburn Tigers are playing Ole Miss in the SEC Tournament.

The team was honored before the game as SEC Champions. They got a trophy and everything.

    Auburn 71, Ole Miss 65. The team's next game comes tomorrow (5:30 p.m. CST) against either Tennessee or Florida.

  • @ :19, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 70-65. Bonner just stepped to the line and hit a pair of important free throws. Ole Miss has seized command of this game, but the surge is coming a bit too late.

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:42, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 64-54. The Tigers' starters are still in. It's been an unusual day for Auburn. Smalley is 2-of-9 from the perimeter. Hobbs is 1-of-9 overall. Bonner and Boddie have taken on larger-than-normal scoring responsibilities and that hasn't been a problem. Against a better opponent, though, this could have been a terminal situation.

  • THIRD TO @ 11:37, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 53-40. Nell Fortner now appears ready to rest her starters. Boddie is out. The Tigers are just messing around now. Seems like the margin is larger than 13, but Ole Miss has taken advantage of some recent sloppiness.

    With a mid-range jumper moments ago, Bonner now is Auburn's all-time leading scorer. As of this moment, she has 2,070 points.

  • FIRST TO @ 17:00, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 42-29. The Tigers are on a 7-0 run to open the second half. Auburn is pushing the tempo, as they probably should have been doing all along, and their opponent can't keep up.

    AUB -- 13-31 42%
    OLE -- 11-29 38%

    3 Shooting
    AUB -- 3-9 33%
    OLE -- 1-6 17%

    FT Shooting
    AUB -- 6-14 43%
    OLE -- 6-10 60%

    AUB -- 19 (7o, 12d)
    OLE -- 19 (6o, 13d)

    Fast Break Points
    AUB -- 9
    OLE -- 0

Here is your Auburn contingent cheering late in the first half.

    Auburn 35, Ole Miss 29.

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:59, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 27-25. It's been a funky strech here lately. DeWanna Bonner appears reborn as a mid-range jump shooter. That's not her game. On the other end, UM's big center, Shawn Goff, is going off. She's currently 6-for-8 with 17 points. I've told you this before -- Auburn's big weakness is that it cannot guard powerful centers. This has been proven time and again.

  • THIRD TO @ 7:48, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 23-15. The Tigers want Smalley to be the sharpshooter, but it's just not happening. She's now 2-for-6 from the perimeter. She airballed the last shot. The two before that were way off.

  • SECOND TO @ 11:51, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 16-8. The Tigers still are pushing the tempo. I've been impressed with how aggressive Ole Miss has been with their offensive rebounding. They're getting a lot of second shots. They'll start falling at some point.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:37, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 10-4. The Tigers have a massive advantage here in terms of transition. Boddie is so thoughtful and quick with the ball in transition. UM's Kayla Melson, a Sidney Lanier High grad, can stay with Boddie. It doesn't appear that her teammates can handle their assignments in transition. Look for Auburn to crank this one to 11. (Spinal Tap reference)

  • OLE MISS TO @ 17:32, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 10-2. The Tigers have scored on four consecutive possessions. They've been very easy baskets, too.

    PG -- Whitney Boddie
    SG -- Alli Smalley
    SF -- Sherell Hobbs
    PF -- DeWanna Bonner
    C -- Trevesha Jackson


David Oku seeing orange

Hey everyone. Figured I should go ahead and create a thread for this since it's been discussed several times in comments., the Tennessee flavor of, reports that TB David Oku of the midwest* has signed a binding LOI with Tennessee. Auburn had been working to sign the speedy tailback since late December.

His finalists were UT, Auburn, Ole Miss and Syracuse.

ps: When in Little Rock and aiming for low-key shenanigans, I highly suggest President Clinton Ave. Seriously. It's fun.

*Oku played at Carl Albert High in suburban Oklahoma City last fall, but now attends a high school in Lincoln, Neb.

Tickets going fast in Auburn

Could it be? Are the Auburn men finally gaining relevance in their home area?

School officials report that less than 1,000 tickets remain for the Tigers' game against LSU on Saturday. Coach Jeff Lebo, pictured at left, has his team 20-10 overall and 9-6 against Southeastern Conference teams.

That's enough to generate interest at home. The enthusiasm appears to end there.'s NCAA Tournament analyst, Joe Lunardi, doesn't consider Auburn a serious candidate for participation in college basketball's premier event. Not one of the last four teams out. Not one of the last four team in. Not even on the radar.

"I'm not seriously looking at Auburn," he said during an ESPN conference call.

So it goes. Early-season losses to Mercer and Northern Iowa are unseemly.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Video report, 3/5

Post No. 1,092

Hey everyone. Here is Auburn coach Nell Fortner discussing her team's approach to the SEC Tournament. Her team plays Ole Miss tomorrow at noon CST. The game will be televised by FS South.


More important, it will be live blogged here.

ps: Check out Nell talking about the makeshift "key" they'll produce at the hotel tonight.

Trip review

Here are a few pics from the trip over.

This is my GPS unit in a very confused state. The new stretch of US 78 that runs close to Birmingham clearly hasn't made its way to the Sony GPS maps just yet.

Here we are parked in front of out fine lunch spot in West Memphis, Ark. Nobody became sick. I consider that a stroke of luck. A few people asked why we didn't hit a BBQ joint. We didn't have time to go wandering.

Onward toward Little Rock

Hey everyone. In mere moments, I'll begin my automotive journey toward Little Rock, Ark., in search of high-caliber women's basketball.

We're loading up Wifey's Seqouia -- I'm joined by OA News sports editor Mike Szvetitz, beat hack Andrew "Gribs" Gribble and shooter Cliff Williams -- and headed out around 8 a.m.

I'll report on my progress when possible.

I'll be covering the Alabama-Tennessee women's game tonight as a service to the Advertiser's Tide- and Vol-tinged fans. Your top-seeded Auburn Tigers begin play Friday, thirty minutes after noon CST.

BASEBALL UPDATE: Auburn beat Davidson 14-2 on Wednesday night, hitting three home runs in the process. The Tigers, now 5-4, have hit 20 homers in their nine games this season. A four-game series against Brown University begins Friday.

Behave, you HOTTIES.

Wednesday update

Hey everyone. Thanks to the everyone for commenting like mad in last night's thread and making me laugh. And cringe. The HABOTN certainly has the most creative and open people around. Good golly.

ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN': As first reported here yesterday, the HABOTN is taking its show on the road beginning Thursday. We'll trek to Little Rock, Ark., for the SEC Women's Tournament and will arrive in time to watch Tennessee likely destroy (possibly just beat) Alabama at 6:30 p.m.

The top-seeded Tigers open play Friday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. against either Ole Miss or Arkansas. You know we'll be blogging that event with unusual fervor.

OWNAGE: As first reported here Wednesday night, the Auburn men defeated the Crimson Tide by four points. That represents a season sweep (second time in three years) and officially makes Auburn a hottest SEC team. The Tigers (20-10, 9-6) now have won seven of their last eight games.

Is that enough to get into the NCAAs?

Probably not. If you read PMarsh's (free) blog earlier today, you'll see that at least one person believes Auburn should be dancing in two weeks. I disagree. The team has been impressive lately, sure, but there is work to be done.

Auburn needs two more wins. That's my story.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Reaction from Tuscaloosa

That's a wrap from Coleman Coliseum, where your Auburn Tigers beat the home-standing Alabama Crimson Tide, 77-73.

On the drama: ``We had a lot riding on this game. The tradition there, in terms of SEC winning seasons, isn't there. Coming from behind, for (the players), that was the most exciting way to do it. I've never seen them so happy after a game."

On the win: "I liked our toughness. We showed some toughness. We've shown some grit. Against an Alabama team that has been playing very very well. We had to overcome a lot. They made some big shots. We kept making play after play after play."

On possible reasons for first-half problems: "It's been an emotional 40 days. Sometimes that takes a little bit out of you when you have so much riding on each game."

On the final Auburn possession ... when Alabama let the clock run: ``They had been making their foul shots. They had some pretty good FT shooters on the floor. I thought we could get a stop and catch them in a little bit of a scramble situation. It didn't work out, obviously."

Photo credit: Associated Press

Auburn def. Alabama, 77-73.

Welcome to Coleman Coliseum, where your Auburn Tigers are playing the Tiders from U. Alabama.

    Auburn 77, Alabama 73.

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:50, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 69-63. I told you all earlier -- defense was going to tell the tale. Auburn has upped the man-to-man pressure and Alabama can't get much going inside. The Tigers are shooting 62 percent, too, which has something to do with this rally as well.

  • THIRD TO @ 7:40, 2nd half
    Alabama leads, 59-58. Well, the Tigers are on a big surge now. Alabama is lost on offense. Not sure what happened there. Why isn't Alabama going inside anymore? If that doesn't change, Auburn will win this game.

  • SECOND TO @ 11:36, 2nd half
    Alabama leads, 54-48. Auburn is being more thoughtful with its shot selection now and it's having some consistent offensive success. Alabama is in a lull. Does Alabama have a leader who can turn this thing around? We shall see.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:38, 2nd half
    Alabama leads, 48-37. Auburn has gone to a zone, but it hasn't had much of an effect on the Tide. They're still shooting quite well. Auburn's offense seems more refined so far this half, but defense is going to be the second-half issue.

    Alabama leads, 39-29.

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:53, 1st half
    Alabama leads, 36-25. The Tide is on a 14-2 run with a shooter on the line. They're still going inside, which is smart. Auburn doesn't have the size to bang with those guys. Auburn has been forced to use Francis Aihe in there because the top guys all have too many fouls. Aihe?

  • THIRD TO @ 7:27, 1st half
    Alabama leads, 22-20. Now it has become a game of transition, which probably favors Auburn. I don't expect it to last. Auburn is shooting very poorly. Nobody seems to have the touch. Barrett has shown some signs of life.

  • SECOND TO @ 11:38, 1st half
    Alabama leads, 15-14. The Tide is being smart -- working the ball inside against the undersized Tigers. Brendon Knox looked like a stud for a second there. He had a dunk, a block and a steal in his first 30 seconds. Then he picked up two fouls and ... bye bye.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:46, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 10-9. Tay Waller already has a pair of treys. Teams are just feelin' each other out. I laughed at one of the signs in the student section: "Thirty-six to almost three." Clever.

    PG -- Speed Reed
    SG -- Tez Robertson
    SF -- Tay For Tray Waller
    "PF" -- Rasheem Barrett
    C -- Korvotney Barber

This is a picture of the dish that is transmitting the signal you're seeing on ESPN. It is large.

Better late than never: Bonner is good

Hey everyone. During my commute to Tuscaloosa, which recently ended, Auburn guard/forward DeWanna Bonner was named the SEC's Player of the Year.

This is a surprise to nobody, of course, but it's still one heck of an honor.

Bonner led the league with 20.9 points per game. She also was among the top five in rebounding with 8.6 per game.

Auburn hasn't had a POY since Lauretta Freeman, one of my most favorite people ever, won it in 1993. It's been a while!

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

On the road ... for the first time

Hey everyone. Though I haven't been very active on the HABOTN today, we've been hard at work behind the scenes. I have good news to report.

I now believe the HABOTN (and the Advertiser) will be attending the SEC Women's Tournament in Little Rock later this week. Big ups to my sports editor, Brad Zimanek, for helping right a wrong. Auburn is an outstanding team and deserves to be covered. Looks like they'll get proper coverage here.

So that's good.

As for our immediate future, we'll be on the scene in Tuscaloosa around 7 p.m. this evening. Please join us for conversation and frequent live updates from Coleman Coliseum, where your male Auburn Tigers play the males from U. Alabama.

Some legit football news ... sort of.

Never mind that it was snowing in Auburn yesterday and basketball season is in full swing.

We've got football news.

Defensive end Antonio Coleman has been named to the Lombardi Award Watch List for the 2009 season. Yep, the one that starts six months from now. The Rotary Club of Houston generated this list based on returning players who populated All-American or All-Conference lists.

Anyway, Coleman's junior season included 46 tackles, a team-high six sacks and 10.5 tackles for loss. He was named the SEC's Defensive Lineman of the Week following Auburn's 14-12 victory over Tennessee on Sept. 27.

Full disclosure: I'm a Lombardi Award voter.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Some basketball chatter

Hey everyone. Since our earlier thread turned into T.M.I. Fest, I have decided to open this thread to discuss the upcoming Auburn-Alabama men's game.

That game will be contested Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

The Head Coach and The Freshman Guard spoke with the HABOTN earlier today about the upcoming showdown.


On the team's dramatic mid-season improvement: "It's all mental. We had the talent. We just needed to learn to play together and be tough in games. Falling behind doesn't mean you have to lose."

On shooting guard Tay Waller: "There's a lot to learn from him, but probably not his shot. He has a very awkward shot. It's almost like he's shooting sideways. I try to shoot like a gun. He's fearless out there. You can learn a lot from his confidence and the way he forgets mistakes so quickly."

On why the team has gotten so hot since a 19-point loss at Ole Miss: "We saw that you can't take anything for granted. You've gotta play for your life every single day. We got a lot tougher mentally after that. I think it taught us a lesson that we carried into practice and games."


On why the team sucked at Ole Miss: "I share in some of that responsibility. We made changes in the way we play. I said so. That was the first game where we played really poorly. I was disappointed in our physical and mental toughness. We addressed it a little bit and talked about it."

On how important reserve center Brendan Knox has become: "(Korvotney) Barber is more productive when he's playing 30 minutes per game. We like to keep him fresh. We may play him and Knox together against the bigger teams like Alabama."

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Questions? Comments? Post directly to the blog below or email me at

Minor coaching change to report

Hey everyone. I spent my morning cooped up at the eye doctor. I have a stye in my eye, which I didn't think could happen to an adult. I thought that was for infants. What does that say about me?

TO THE NEWS: Long-time Auburn associate and Montgomery native Jimmy Perry is leaving the Tigers for a coaching gig at St. Paul's Episcopal in Mobile.

``I wanted to be a head coach again and the opportunity to coach at
St. Paul’s will not only allow me to do that ... but to also make a
meaningful impact on young men’s lives," Perry said.

He has been at Auburn since 2000 as a high-school and professional liaison. Perry is a 1979 Auburn graduate.

Auburn women are SEC champions

There you have it.

Here is some reaction from the principles involved with today's big game.

NELL FORTNER, The Auburn Head Coach
On the seniors: "The most emotional thing for me today was that last timeout under the 4:00 mark at the end of the game. I was just sitting there looking at all them. It was very emotional. That's where it became very overwhelming to me of exactly what was going on. We're going to win this game and these seniors are going to go out having done that. They accomplished what we set out to accomplish … in one area. Now it's on to the next."

TOM COLLEN, The Arkansas Head Coach
On the Tigers: “I just think we ran into a buzz saw. They’re the SEC Champs. They deserve to be. They’re the best team in our conference right now and you’ve got to give them all the credit in the world.”

DEWANNA BONNER, The Auburn All-Conference Guard/Forward
On if Auburn is deserving of a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament: "I think it would be nice. If you win the SEC Tournament you don’t have to worry about being in somebody else’s hands. You can handle it yourself. But I don’t think it’s a must. I think we’re right there with Maryland, maybe."

WHITNEY BODDIE, The Auburn Point Guard
On how Auburn's win enhances the team's post-season worthiness: "It puts us in a good position because we're the No. 1 seed outright. It's going to be competitive no matter who we play, but we're not really worried about the competition. We're just trying to take care of business. We have bigger things to come. This is good for right now, today we're going to celebrate and do it big, but after that, it's over. We've got bigger things ahead of us."

Auburn def. Arkansas, 94-57 (women)

Welcome to Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum, where your Auburn Tigers are playing the Arkansas RAzorbacks. An SEC title is on the line.

    Auburn 94, Arkansas 57

  • FOURTH TO @ 3:42, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 83-49. Can the Tigers hit 100?

  • THIRD TO @ 7:45, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 77-48. Sherell Hobbs is the only starter still in the game. It's one of those days. This is Auburn's first blow-out win since the Tennessee game. Less drama makes Fortner happy, I'm sure.

  • FIRST TO @ 13:54, 2nd half
    Auburn leads, 64-44. Fortner had to call a timeout early after Arkansas built a 7-0 run. Then the Tigers responded with a six-point surge.

  • Notable halftime notes:
    Sherell Hobbs has 16 points.
    Auburn shot 52.5 percent.
    Bonner is back from her "injury".
    Neither team hit a three-point shot.

This is your halftime entertainment. Dude in the middle is real. He has two puppets in front and two behind that "follow" his every move. Pretty clever.

    Auburn leads, 54-32. It's a bludgeoning.

  • FOURTH TO @ 2:42, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 46-26. DeWanna Bonner went down with a knee injury around the six-minute mark. She hasn't returned, but she's on the sideline. Everything seems OK. Auburn is just rollin' along. I bet they're shooting 55% or better.

  • THIRD TO @ 7:28, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 35-22. Arkansas just seems confused on defense in general. They're not keeping up with people ... particularly Hobbs, who is killing them along the baseline. Over and over. The Tigers are on pace to score 100 points.

  • SECOND TO @ 11:56, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 26-14. The Tigers have scored on each possession since the last update. Buckets are landing from everywhere. I don't think Arkansas has what it takes to guard Boddie, Bonner or Hobbs.

  • FIRST TO @ 15:58, 1st half
    Auburn leads, 11-3. The Tigers are ready to play. They're not shooting all that well per se, but they've already scored twice on turnovers. Arkansas is small.

  • Arkansas called timeout at 16:56. Auburn was ahead 9-1.

    PG -- Whitney Boddie of northern Alabama
    SG -- Alli Smalley of northern Alabama
    SF -- Sherell Hobbs of northern Alabama
    PF -- DeWanna Bonner of central Alabama
    C -- Trevesha Jackson of eastern Alabama

The scene from Plainsman Park

Here is the scene from Plainsman Park, where the final game of the Auburn-FSU baseball series has been canceled.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Questions? Comments? Post directly to the blog below or email me at

We're all going to die (it's snowing in Montgomery)

(Picture updated @ 9:50 a.m.)

Hey everyone. I wanted to pass along the BIG NEWS that it's snowing in Montgomery. Don't worry about me: We bought five jugs of milk, three loaves of bread and enough propane to get us through May.

This is the first snow I've seen here since Easter of ... 2005?

  • The final game of the Auburn-FSU baseball series has been canceled ... due to snow. Seriously.

  • UP NEXT: I'll be BRAVING THE BLIZZARD and covering the Auburn-Arkansas women at 2 p.m. A win there (and possibly a loss depending on Vanderbilt's day) secures the Tigers' first outright SEC championship since 1989.

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