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GW @ Auburn (men), 2nd half


@ 0:51:
Auburn leads, 83-71.

@ 1:52:
Auburn leads, 76-69.

FOURTH TO @ 3:46:
Auburn leads, 68-62. They're still playing well -- particularly in transition. Frankie Sullivan is really good in chaotic situations. He's quick and has a refined idea of how to distribute. He'll be a good one.

@ 6:07:
Auburn leads, 64-57. Wow. Auburn actually is rolling along on the fast break and hitting shots from the perimeter. Everything is working right now.

THIRD TO @ 7:58:
GW leads, 57-56. Auburn still working much harder than it did during the first half. Much more energy directed toward rebounding. GW isn't getting good shots from the outside. Auburn has the momentum right now.

Auburn leads, 54-53, on a 3-point shot from Waller.

SECOND TO @ 11:33:
GW leads, 51-49. Auburn has made some nice defensive adjustments. They're still in man-to-man, but I'm seeing less switching. It's a true man defense and GW isn't getting any shots from the perimeter. Meanwhile, the Tigers are playing more competently on offense.

@ 14:58:
GW leads, 48-41. GW had to call timeout. Auburn has scored on four of its last five possessions. The Tigers are playing with significantly more effort now.

FIRST TO @ 15:53:
GW leads, 48-36. Auburn is hustling more on the offensive glass. The team already has two put-backs this half after getting none in the first half.

HALFTIME SCORE: GW leads, 44-29

Interesting halftime numbers...
  • GW is 10-of-17 from 3-point range
  • Auburn is 8-of-22 from the floor.
  • GW didn't attempt a free throw in the first half.
  • GW's bench players are out-scoring AU's bench players 23-9.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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GW @ Auburn (men), 1st half

GW leads, 44-29. More of the same -- slow rotations on defense and meandering play on offense. Barber was called for a pair of offensive fouls late in the half. He now has three fouls. I'll get stats when they come available.

FOURTH TO @ 3:43:
GW leads, 39-29. The Colonials are still getting open looks outside -- even after the Tigers switched to man-to-man. Auburn's offense is impatient right now. I don't sense a real plan.

THIRD TO @ 7:45:
GW leads, 33-23. Auburn is slow on defensive rotations along the perimeter. GW passes the ball in, then out. As the Tigers' zone collapses toward that inside player, the outside guy goes free and he cashes from outside. The Colonials have hit six 3-pointers in the last six minutes.

SECOND TO @ 12:07:
Game tied at 20. Auburn has scored on six of its seven possessions since the last timeout. The Tigers are getting good looks from the perimeter and they're hitting them. Auburn's sticking with the zone, but Frankie Sullivan and Reed have been slow on some rotations. They're leaving shooters open. GW hit three 3-pointers during that segment.

FIRST TO @ 15:33:
GW leads, 11-9. Auburn was remarkably sloppy initially, committing silly turnovers and letting GW run basic plays for easy baskets. Barber can't create his own shot. Auburn's zone played more intelligently and started causing more problems.

This is among the most sparce crowds I've seen in a while. I'd estimate attendance at 1,000 or so.

Auburn's starting lineup:
PF/C -- Korvotney Barber
G/F -- Lucas Hargrove
G/F -- Tay Waller
SG -- Dewayne Reed
PG -- Tez Robertson

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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Live from the yard sale

Hey everyone. Cold morning here in East Montgomery. Not many yard salers out and about. So it goes.

I will be live blogging the Auburn vs. George Washington game this afternoon. It tips at 1 p.m. CST.

Depending on my level of fatigue after that enterprise, we may hold a campfire during the Texas Tech @ Oklahoma game tonight. Toe meets leather at 7 p.m. CST.

Also, don't forget to get moving on your t-shirt orders.

Important T-Shirt order addendum

Please indicate your HABOTN handle on the order.

Scottie B. has The List from here and he wants to correspond paid t-shirts with the HOTTIES who requested them. See where I'm going with this?


Thinking about the Auburn-Alabama rivalry

Hey everyone. As some of you heard, I was a guest on WMSP's afternoon program. Doug Amos, one of the hosts, asked me an interesting question that deserves more examination.

He asked if an Alabama win next week will provide the Tide more momentum.

He wasn't talking about the SEC Championship game. Or Florida. Or how an Iron Bowl win could affect the team heading into his postseason situation.

Doug was talking about perceptions within this state.

I've heard people discuss this notion and, frankly, it makes no sense to me. Alabama is Alabama. Nick Saban clearly is doing a very nice job distilling promise from the wreckage. That team is excellent. We all can agree there.

Still, what does that have to do with Auburn?

Alabama and Auburn don't go head-to-head in recruiting all that often. Many players already have allegiances established by the time they emerge as top prospects. Andre Smith never seriously considerd Auburn. Sen'Derrick Marks never seriously considered Alabama.

There is no momentum with fans. Auburn people like Auburn and always will. Alabama people like Alabama and always will. It's not like a 13-0 Alabama team somehow will entice Auburn people to switch allegiances.

We're talking about two separate programs. One's effect on the other is, in my mind, minimal.

For Jerry's Kids: Auburn has been good, in general, since Tommy Tuberville took over in 1999. Auburn is down this season. Alabama is very good this season. Alabama is 11-0. Auburn and Alabama play in the Iron Bowl on Nov. 29.

Radio Appearance Forthcoming

Hey everyone. I'll be on WMSP's "The Roundtable" program beginning around 12:15 p.m. CST this afternoon. Please take a listen if you're so inclined.

Let's Order some T-Shirts

The day is here. It's time to order the hottest clothing line on earth, the HABOTN T-shirts. At top is what you'll see on the front. At left is what you'll see on the back.

It reminds one of campfires past and the warmth that is yet to come.

Here's the deal:
  • Our clothing guru, Scottie B., already has begun the process of manufacturing the shirts. Shipping may commence in approximately two weeks.

  • IMPORTANT: He created shirts based on the amount of interest shown in previous queries. If you didn't make your purchase intentions known before now, you need to contact Scottie via email with a QUICKNESS.

  • We'll handle the logistics thusly:

    • Find the link below for a copy of the Official HABOTN T-Shirt order form.

    • Fill in the necessary information, include your payment information and send 'er in (via mail for cheques; via fax or mail for credit-card transactions) to Scottie's Tennessee-based operation at the address provided on the order form.

    • UPDATE: Please include your HABOTN handle on the order form. He's cross-checking t-shirts with the HOTTIES who requested them. He printed shirts based on the reservations made on the site recently.

    • Your item will arrive in December. Your package will include a receipt.

    • We have asked that firemen handle delivery since the clothing may scald many standard letter carriers, though that service may not be available in all areas. Check with your cable provider for details.

  • If you have issues with ordering with Scottie, contact me at and I'll work with you.
Here is the order form:
(Look for the flashing red arrow at the bottom)

A little post for ME and like-minded peeps

OK. So I'll say up front that while I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah McLachlan's music (hit or miss for me), I'm a big fan of her personally.

I've been hearing her "new" song -- U Want Me 2 -- on various Sirius stations lately. Checked out the video. I was extremely satisfied. That's all I'm saying.

I have no idea why she's preparing the table for feast, either. Just go with it.

What They Said, 11/20

Hey everyone. Here's a look at some interesting things I heard today:

  • Said former offensive coordinator Tony Franklin made it clear that McKenzie would not be welcome at tight end. That's why he moved to defensive end during the pre-season. McKenzie now is back on offense.

    "He said: All right, we're pretty much going to speed guys. I think I did a pretty good job, but I thought I could do a better job on the other side of the ball under the circumstances."

  • McKenzie said he gained a better appreciation for how defenders work and think, though: "Sometimes you can't tell – if you pass rush it could be a draw or something like that. When the game's going, you can't just guess. If you guess wrong, you might be out here and he might go in the hole and gash you. It's harder than it looks."

  • On thinking about what might have been this season: "It's definitely frustrating -- always going back and thinking what could have happened. That's been on my mind a lot just to think about all the things that could have happened. When you start dwelling on that stuff, it gets worse. You just have to keep moving forward and getting better as the week goes on. It hurts. We've been in situations like this since I've been here. If you think back to 2006 season when we were ranked No. 2 and we had control of our destiny, we gave it away. It's crazy how things work."

  • On becoming a No. 1 receiver after beginning his career as a walk-on: "I think about that every day. I've been truly bless. God really blessed me. I couldn't have gotten anywhere without him. I always thought I had it in me to be a top player in the SEC, come to Auburn and do well. I had a pretty successful career at Auburn. I just want to go out in the right way -- with a win against Alabama."

  • On Sen'Derrick Marks: "He's always hyped. He's always making noise. He's just hyped. He's just always into it, and he brings it to practice, especially when we have some days when you won't be into it, he brings his hyperactive things to him, he brings this enthusiasm. And he'll wake us up and we'll just have a good day of practice."

  • On if rivalry-game wins matter in recruiting: "Florida probably is the best team in the whole country -- or USC. It doesn't matter. It's how you fit into that system and how you feel when you go there. Because you can go to a lot of schools and they might be the best school, always undefeated, but it's all about that feeling when you go there. If you don't feel comfortable with the players or anybody else, you're not going to want to be there. And that's how I feel. But I went to a lot of other places, and that's why I came here.

Photo credits: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

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Auburn report, 11/20


Rod Smith is a really funny guy. Since his college career is almost over, I figured this would be a fine time to let you see how funny he is. It's great going back and forth ...

Thursday schedule

Hey everyone. Thanks the the hard-core hoops HOTTIES for following along last night. I think that coverage plan works ... updates every four game minutes or so. If the team falls off the cliff, though, you'll lose interest and I'll stop doing in-game updates.

My guess is this team ends up decent. So those of you who like basketball will have at least some peripheral interest.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TODAY: Tuberville and these pre-selected players are (allegedly) available today:
QB Kodi Burns
LB Josh Bynes
DT Zach Clayton
DB Zac Etheridge
DT Sen’Derricks Marks
TE Gabe McKenzie
WR Rod Smith

We got 5-of-8 on Tuesday, so I expect only a few of these players to show. My goal is to write something about Gabe McKenzie for Friday's editions.

I'll do a video around 2:30 and I'll be posting anything newsworthy as we progress.


We're discussing the second half of Auburn's game against Mercer.


Mercer leads, 76-74. Robertson drives the lane, has the ball knocked away and out of bounds. Official initially signals that the ball deflected off a Mercer defender. He is overruled. Robertson is whistled for a charge instead. Mercer given possession. I couldn't see the play very well from this end of the floor.

Mercer leads, 75-74. Auburn gets a steal; Barber scores on another nice pass from Sullivan.

Mercer leads, 75-72. Robertson put-back.

Mercer leads, 75-70. Trouble here.

@ 2:10:
Mercer leads, 73-70. Auburn has hit 2 of its last 8 FTs. Barber just scored on a sweet pass from Sullivan.

FOURTH TO @ 3:45:
It's getting dicey for the Tigers. They're not good at the free-throw line and it's affecting them. They have hit just 2 of their last 6. Mercer's rebounding advantage has to be epic; Auburn isn't getting to much in terms of rebounds. Pretty sloppy effort overall.

THIRD TO @ 7:46:
Same basic theme: Mercer working harder on their offensive end and getting some fortunate bounces. Auburn seems a bit timid on offense right now; that shooting verve is gone.

SECOND TO @ 12:06:
Auburn leads, 59-58. Teams playing evenly now. Auburn is showing more aggression on defense. First time tonight. The Tigers have scored on six of their last seven possessions. Reed has nine points in this half.

FIRST TO @ 15:39:
Mercer ahead, 51-48. Auburn opened with a flurry, scoring on its first three possessions. Mercer just fights harder than the Tigers on their end. More rebounds, more hustle points. It's that simple.

Mercer @ AU (men)

Hey everyone. It's almost time for BASKETBALL ACTION on the Plains.

Rebounds ... Mercer 22 (7 off.); Auburn 8 (1 off.)

Assist/turnover ratio ... Mercer 8/7; Auburn 9/3

Mercer leads, 44-40. Auburn let James Florence get away. He scored 13 points during the final four minutes of the half. Most of those were created on the fly. Auburn scored on each of its last six possessions of the half, so things are working there.

I'll update with stats when I get them.

FOURTH TO @ 3:34:
Game tied at 30. Auburn is giving up too many offensive rebounds. That's weird to me because the Tigers have significantly more size. Both teams have lost their offensive momentum.

@6:46: Waller hits a three and now has 13 points.

THIRD TO @ 7:47:
Mercer leads, 22-20. Auburn adjusted to that Mercer stuff. They're not cutting off the passes, but they're loading up down low and forcing the Bears to take contested shots. It's not working for them. Auburn offense: Waller hit a three and two technical FTs. Mercer coach was called for a technical foul after arguing a call too feverishly.

SECOND TO @ 11:28:
Mercer ahead, 21-12. The Bears are passing very well and getting plenty of what I'd call "system baskets." I'm talking about give-and-gos. Auburn isn't adjusting. The Tigers seem a little disheveled on offense, but not clueless. Reed made a really nice pass to K. Barber for a lay-up just before the time out.

@14:34: Frankie Sullivan hits the first shot of his career; a 3-pointer.

FIRST TO @ 15:57
Mercer ahead, 8-4. Both teams still feeling each other out. Auburn defending with a man scheme; Mercer going with the zone. It's amazing that Dewayne Reed ever gets the green light. He has an awful shot.

It's Auburn (1-0) vs. Mercer (2-0)

PG -- Tez Robertson
SG -- Tay Waller
SF -- Lucas Hargrove
PF -- Vot Barber
F/C -- Johnnie Lett

Video report, 11/19


The Final Organizational Message about T-Shirts

Thanks to the overwhelming majority of HOTTIES who responded to my most recent request for shirt sizes. I still have a few orders in limbo.

Here are the stragglers:

Vrga -- 1
Spreadneck -- 1

I'll bet money that several of these people relayed their needs in some legitimate way, but I forgot. I get messages at my work email, personal email, on the blog, at Facebook. It's hard to keep up sometimes.

So pipe up now (or refresh my memory) if you want in on the HOTTEST t-shirts ever made.

Schedule update

Hey everyone. Here is your pseudo-daily update on what's happening around the HABOTN.

MY STORY FOR TODAY: Auburn will continue to alternate RBs
"(Fannin) made two very good plays, but I think those oth­er guys could have done the same thing being in that situa­tion," Tuberville said. "There's not a lot of difference in any of those guys."
I have no idea why he said that or even what that means.

WHAT TO EXPECT: I had footagis interruptus yesterday. Internet went down at Auburn, so I stopped pulling video footage from my camera because I knew it wouldn't be uploaded. I'll be building a video around 1 p.m.
  • The Auburn men play Mercer at 7 p.m. I'll be there. I'll blog the basics unless there is widespread demand for more involved coverage. You know I'm a sucker for HOTTIE requests.

  • I hope to get the Official HABOTN T-Shirt Order Form on the site today.

  • I'll also remind our Facebook friends that, in almost every case, Kristina and I will not permit access into the HABOTN group unless you have a handle. It's a closed group. We love the lurker HOTTIES (there are hundreds of you), but being a lurker and joining the Facebook group are mutually exclusive. Them's the facts.

Cross Muschamp off the list

Will Muschamp has been named coach-in-waiting (the new gig in college football) at University of Texas. I'd say that jump from Auburn to Texas worked out well for him.

Perfect deal for him. He can learn how to manage stuff beyond defense while learning under Mack Brown.

The Gist of it, 11/18

Hey everyone. The internet is down here at Auburn (again) so I'm posting this on my cellular wireless card I'm supposed to use only in emergencies.

I figure this is a HABOTN emergency.

  • Tommy Trott is out for the next few months with a knee injury. Tuberville said the tight end is scheduled to undergo surgery in Birmingham on Thursday. He may miss some of spring ball.

    "He'll be back for some things that he can do," Tuberville said. ``He won't be for all of it. It depends on when we have it. We have it scheduled a little early now but depending on how many, we've had over a dozen surgeries, depending on how many we've had that are able to get back, we'll decide that in January on terms of when we'll do spring ball. I want to have most of them back so we might back it up some."

  • Tuberville had a humorous line during his meeting with reporters. His phone rang. He said it was his wife and he asked for a few seconds so he could text something back to her. Then he came with: "Those that have said my wife has left me, I promise she hasn't. She's still calling. Let me text her and I'll tell her I'll call her back."

    There is/was a rumor going around that Tuberville and his wife Suzanne were having marital trouble. I guess that's another rumor you can throw into the unsubstantiated pile.

  • Tuberville said Auburn's recruiting efforts are moving along at least as well as expected: "Recruiting is going fine. It's not affected by losing a few games. As coaches, you'd think it would help mentally a little bit. It really doesn't. A lot of the guys see they may have an opportunity to play a little bit sooner."

Tuesday schedule, 11/18

Hey everyone. Thanks for another enthusiastic day/night of comments. For reasons that aren't even clear to me, I think (and have thought) it's important to cover women's basketball. Thanks for showing some token interest.

FOOTBALL SITUATION: Practice starts at 9 a.m. and will run until approximately two hours. We're getting Montez Billings, Jason Bosley, Antonio Coleman, Tez Doolittle, Chris Evans, Mario Fannin, Walt McFadden and Jerraud Powers afterward.

We'll also get reaction from Tuberville.

I'm planning to get a video up during the early afternoon. I'll be blogging as I come across interesting things said. Notable comments are an endangered species this time of year for a 5-6 ballclub.

T-SHIRT REMINDER: If you haven't already, please relay your t-shirt size in the post below. We're trying to make an accurate assessment of which sizes we'll need. I haven't yet been able to get the order form posted to the blog, but I'm working on that. Your webmaster doesn't know how to do that just yet.

WBKB: Auburn 95-76

The Tigers (2-0) have a good team. Temple is pretty good; still got worked.

Auburn forced 29 turnovers.

Alli Smalley scored 16 points in the second half. Temple went to a zone and Smalley had no problems firing away from outside.

DeWanna Bonner finished with 29 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 steals. Not too shabby. Sherell Hobbs, pictured at left, had 20 points.

Sen'Derrick Marks was featured on the Jumbotron during a time-out for his enthusiastic dancing to "Shake Your Booty." It was a funny scene. Approximately 15 football players were in the house; Jomarcus Savage, Hot Carter and Frankie Sullivan were on board for the duration.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/Auburn University

Iron Bowl time announced

Mark your day planners: 2:30 p.m. on CBS. That's Nov. 29.

T-Shirt, Part 2

Hey everyone. We've had surprisingly strong interest in the HABOTN T-Shirt Project. The good news is that with this kind of volume, Scottie B's peeps have been able to add a second color to the back logo, pictured at left, for no change in price. Everyone wins.

(The top graphic is what you'll see on the front.)

See below for the MASTER T-SHIRT LIST.

Two things:

1.) Please indicate in the comments (or via email to me) which sizes you would like. Some HOTTIES included that information; many did not. We're trying to get a feel for how many shirts of each size we need.

2.) If you do not see your name on this list but want the HOTTEST T-shirt on earth, simply stake your claim in the comments section.

Price: $15 (for S-XXL); $17 (for 3X and 4X). Shipping included.

Method of payment: Scottie has worked up an order form (which I haven't linked yet) for those of you who will pay via check, money order or credit card. If that system won't work for you (ie you have to use PayPal or you want to barter), let me know so we can get that handled.



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Brian -- 2
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Phred -- 2
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FSJ -- 1
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Kaleb -- 1
Monica -- 2
Alan -- 1 (L)
Biscuitator -- 2
DennyCrum -- 1 (XXL)
Caleb Rotton -- 1
Just win AU --
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Cory --
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War eagle girl -- 1
Dan -- 1 (XL)
Sean -- 1
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Aufan365 -- 1 (XXL)
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Radio appearance forthcoming

Hey everyone. Sorry for the short notice (aka Jay forgot), but I will be an in-studio guest on The Roundtable today. Doug is out. That means it'll be me and Bag and maybe Rick Hendrick on the show. That generally leads to humor and silliness.

I'll get in there about 12:15 p.m. CST and will stay for a while. Feel free to call in.

Check it out: Sportsradio 740

LIVE -- Tuberville speaks, 11/16

Coach Tommy Tuberville held his Sunday meeting with reporters this afternoon. He answered questions about a variety of topics. Please read and enjoy.

  • "We didn't look like we had an answer to their pass game or their run game. I thought our coaches did a good job of adjusting. Our corners really played well. That's the first time we had them back healthy. That allows everybody else to play well."

  • "Offensively, we were hit or miss. We had a 90-yard drive. We just didn't do much in the red zone. That's where it all counts. Mario Fannin had a great day. It was his best day as an Auburn Tiger."

    NOTE: Auburn is 119th out of 119 in red-zone efficiency this season.

  • "Kodi Burns played 70 plays. He did an excellent job except for four plays. He competed. He went to the right side of the field in terms of throwing the ball. It was a tough game for him. I'm proud of how he grew up, hoe he helped the team."

  • Injuries: Wesley Byrum ("something is wrong with his knee") and Tommy Trott ("he'll be evaluated this week"). Tuberville said they're "doubtful" for the Alabama game.

  • On not playing Mario Fannin late: "We threw the ball 23 of the last 30 times. We didn't know as much with him as far as protections. He was in on some passing plays. With two weeks to prepare for this game, there shouldn't be any problem. At the end of the game, it becomes a mental as well as physical game. He's not there yet. He'll progress along as we go. We just played the odds with Ben Tate."

  • On offense: "We showed improvement. That's not what we're looking for; we're in it to win games. There were two good defenses on the field. There was a lot of cat-and-mouse going on. We don't play for moral victories. We needed to win for a lot of reasons. We needed to finish a game. We just didn't finish."

  • On Iron Bowl: "I wish we were playing this week. It should be played this week. I'm sure they'd love ot play this week knowing there's going into the (SEC) championship game. It was voted on by the SEC ADs. We weren't given that option."

  • Where was Lester?: "He played special teams. We just didn't play him. He's not 100% like the other ones."

  • Mario redux; run him more when he's in there?: "A lot of those were checks at the line. They were playing 8- on 9-man fronts. It was like running into a wall. We were looking to make plays out of something they weren't doing. You try to take advantage."

  • Why not kick on next-to-last possession: "I was going to until I was reminded that (Byrum's) knee wasn't right. We thought about how that was (Morgan Hull's) first time out there."

  • Is Morgan your kicker?: "More than likely, yes."

  • "We haven't cashed in on opportunities for points."

  • Red zone?: "That's inconsistency. It's a little mental, a little physical. We've gotten better between the 20s. It hasn't gotten better down there."

  • "You can't live off a kicker and defense forever. That's why I changed offenses. Obviously, that didn't work."

  • Ensminger's situation: "He's done well. He's been put into a tough situation to put an offense (together) in five weeks. I think he's done a good job with Kodi. Kodi is throwing the ball a lot better. (Burns) is still basically a freshman playing quarterback."


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